Gas engine development is pushing the physical boundaries of engine design to increase power efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership so that operators can get the most out of their engine.  These factors place significant demands on lubrication. ECOSYN gas engine lubricants are inspired, approved, and recommended by major OEM’s and engineered to keep up with latest gas engine developments. 

Gas Engine Lubricants

ECOSYN Synthetic Gas Engine Oils help extend oil drain intervals and reduce oil consumption, while also exceeding engine protection and cleanliness. The series itself consists of ECOSYN GE 4004, ECOSYN GE 4006 and ECOSYN GE T40.


The lubricants have a well-balanced formulation helping to extend oil drain intervals (ODI’s) by up to 4 times when compared to conventional mineral oils.


Following comprehensive industry and bench testing, the lubricants exhibited excellent oxidation and thermal stability, which helps to extend oil life. The series’ outstanding anti-wear characteristics help reduce wear of engine components and scuffing of liners in highly loaded gas engines.


In addition, the ester based oils control varnish formation and carbon deposits helping to maintain engine cleanliness.


ECOSYN lubricants are approved for a range of OEM natural gas engines and additional OEM tests are underway.


ECOSYN assists and helps owner-operators of gas engines enhance equipment performance and protect today’s high output, low emission, four-cycle gas engines.


All products are designed for high severity natural gas engines and meet the specifications for all piston types.



ECOSYN Synthetic Gas Engine Oils offer a vast number of advantages over mineral gas engine oils:


  • Extended oil drain intervals: Drain intervals are extended by 2 to 4 times compared to mineral gas engine oils.


  • Reduced oil consumption: First, because of the lower volatility of ECOSYN. Second, because of the better sealing characteristics between piston rings and cylinder walls. Experience shows that oil consumption can be reduced up to 40% compared to mineral gas engine oils.


  • Cleaner Engines: The ester based ECOSYN Synthetic Gas Engine Oils and their special additive systems prevent the formation of combustion deposits.


ECOSYN Synthetic Gas Engine Oils possess a high natural solvency for deposits and is enhanced with detergent type additives. This results in a cleaner engine, turbocharger, catalytic converter, and heat exchanger.


  • High thermal stability: High flash point and high auto-ignition temperature reduces oil induced pre-ignition and knocking.


  • Reduced friction and wear: The polar structures of esters provide a better engine protection. Polarity is an indicator of the affinity for metal. 

Product Portfolio


- Bio Gas

- Landfill Gas


- Acidic Environment







Success Stories GE 4006


- Natural Gas

- Superior performance in thermally loaded steel pistons, high BMEP gas engines






Success Stories GE T40


- Thermoselect and steel plant gases as well as wood, synthesis or pyrolysis gases with high hydrogen content with a high probability of irregular combustion behaviour (backfiring, autoignition, etc.).


Success Stories GE Specialty


- Natural Gas


- Gas Compression

- Peak Shaving

- Global Adjustment






Success Stories GE 4004