ECOSYN GE 4004 approved by GE Jenbacher


In March 2016 ECOSYN GE 4004 has gained approval for the use in following GE Jenbacher gas engines and applications:

Type 2 and 3 fuel class A
Type 4 version A , B and C fuel class A
Type 6 up to version E fuel class A

Further for GE Jenbacher engines in Special Gas applications (in specific thermoselect gas, steel gas, wood gas, pyroselect gas).

ECOSYN GE4004 will be included in the next update of TI 1000-1109.

The North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC) operates a new state of the art Cogeneration Power Plant. 


This project is a partnership with North Bay Hydro Services, North Bay Hydro Distribution Ltd., Plenary Group and Johnson Controls. The health centre owns the facility and North Bay Hydro Services operates it.


Cogeneration is using one fuel (Natural Gas) to produce 2 outputs – electricity and water. Natural gas is burnt in a large engine, which spins a generator, producing electricity.


Heat is recovered from the engine, for free, which is used to help meet the hot water needs of the hospital, such as space heating, hot water for cooking and cleaning, etc.


To put into perspective the magnitude of this project, energy from this plant has the ability to generate enough electricity and heat to supply the energy needs of 1350 homes per year. Its overall efficiency is excellent as it operates at about 85-90% efficiency range, whereas, electricity from a Nuclear Plant, is around 30-40%.


The 1.6 MW Caterpillar CG170 is lubricated by ECOSYN GE 4004.

Lakeridge Health has emerged as a best-in-class example of energy efficiency, asset renewal, and improved patient care experience after an extensive energy retrofit at four of its hospitals in Ontario.

One of the hospitals in Oshawa, Ontario is now producing electricity with a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.


Fuelled by natural gas and lubricated by ECOSYN GE 4004, the CHP plant, consisting of two 800 kW Caterpillar CG132-16's, provides the hospital with an in-house source of electricity, as well as thermal energy through heat recovery from the generators.


Lahey Hospital & Medical Center operates a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) facility to power its Burlington, Massachusetts campus.


This 3 MW facility houses a Caterpillar G260-12, natural gas-fueled internal combustion engine. A source of renewable energy, the plant will simultaneously generate electricity, steam, and hot water for the Hospital, significantly reducing energy costs. 


The unit is lubricated by ECOSYN GE 4004.

ECOSYN GE 4004 Gas Engine Oil is the ONLY approved SAE40 synthetic lubricating oil with a sulfate ash content up to 0.5 wt.% by Caterpillar / MWM, as per TR 0199 - 99 - 12105/11 EN.


ECOSYN GE 4006 Gas Engine Oil is the ONLY approved SAE40 synthetic lubricating oil with a sulfate ash content of 0.5 wt.% to 1.0 wt.% by Caterpillar / MWM, as per TR 0199 - 99 - 12105/11 EN.


With over 8 years experience on TCG 2016, TCG 2020 and TCG 2032 and now CG 132, CG 170 and CG 260, ECOSYN's ester based gas engine oils have proven themselves to be an excellent and money saving alternative to mineral based engine oils.


Ask us to do a Cost Analysis for your application and enjoy the savings.

Recent trends in engine design include increasing power output and efficiency through higher compression ratios and higher turbocharger pressures.


At the same time, with increasing focus on emissions, the amount of oil available in the engine to lubricate piston rings and cylinder liners has been reduced.


In addition, with pressure on operators to reduce lubricant-related maintenance costs, there is even greater need to maximise the effective life of the lubricant, as well as enabling reduced engine downtime and labour cost for oil changes.


Talk to us and we can show you how ECOSYN GE 4004 achieves all these goals!

Markham District Energy decides to use ECOSYN GE 4004 in its new Caterpillar CG260's


Local CAT dealer Toromont will be supplying a CG260-12 generator set for the MDE Birchmount Energy Centre, a CG260-16 generator set for the Bur Oak Energy Centre. The CG260 generator sets will provide a combined 7 MW of electricity and 7MW of thermal energy to the Markham district energy systems.


These projects will be the first in North America that will employ ECOSYN GE 4004 100% ester based synthetic gas engine oil in Caterpillar’s recently introduced CG260 Series of high efficiency gas generator sets.


With WCI's experience on this type of engine, Markham District Energy is well positioned to enjoy extended drain intervals, very low oil consumption and cleaner CHP operations.



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